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by Louise Nixon Why do I need a Life Insurance (Q)DRO (LIQDRO) if the award dividing life insurance is in the divorce judgment? The law regarding the division of life insurance is state specific.  If the parties agree or the court so orders the division of life insurance to preserve a participant’s former spouse, child […]

Death Issues & QDRO’s

What happens when one of the parties in a divorce dies before a pension is divided? Is it possible to divide a pension pre-judgement with a qualified domestic relations order? What about post judgement? Does it matter whether the plan at issue is a public or private plan? Louise Nixon answers these questions and more […]

Top 5 Most Common QDRO Questions

What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order? A QDRO is a court order which is used to divide pension rights between divorcing spouses, or to collect alimony or child support from a private employee benefit plan. QDROs are complex legal documents and should be prepared only by a qualified and experienced attorney. How do you […]