QDRO Drafting Tools

You can now draft a QDRO without being a QDRO expert! QDROCounsel has developed intuitive and easy to use QDRO forms defaulted to the most fair division possible.

Plan Valuation Services

QDROCounsel offers a suite of valuation services that will allow you to actuarially value, trace, offset and equalize retirement benefits.

Interactive Guide from Discovery to Judgment

QDROCounsel has an interactive guide that will walk you through each step from discovery to judgment!

Education – CLE, Articles & More

We are leveraging over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience of QDROCounsel’s experts to create a menu of helpful, customized, clear and concise educational courses.

Support & Consultation

QDROCounsel offers support not only through the Expert Forums but also through customer support. We can help you when you are QDRO stumped!

Practice with Confidence

QDROCounsel is supported by a community of experts. These professionals help to ensure that all of our forms and valuation models are up-to-date and compliant. Our referral network of legal providers is also available to provide support and consultation.